Inner Self

                  Mistress Nubia

  is a Pro-Domme who found her calling while living in Hawai'i and was given the name "KOA" meaning "Lady Warrior". The Mistress has a degree in Psychology and she is eager to share her professional skills with you in the exciting world of BDSM. In this world of discipline, play and safety; the Mistress may allow you to experience your every fetishes and fantasies in a discreet environment. All you're required to do during your private sessions with The Mistress is to worship her completely and follow with precision her EVERY demand. 


"On your knees Slave...Carpe Diem!" 

                                  "The Pledge"

Mistress you have asked nothing of me; it is, therefore of my own free will that I offer to you allegiance, obedience and loyalty. I promise to serve you faithfully in all things great and small, to obey your orders, carry out your wishes, whatever they may be. I command to you everything I possess, material, intellectual and physical that you may dispose of what I have as you see fit. I promise to dedicate myself to you, to remain by your side as long as you choose as your attendant, servant, defender; to support and protect you, whatever the circumstances, in every way possible.